Hanging by a Moment


One freedom the Escalante children enjoy is the ability to play soccer in the park.

Yesser, Marialinda, and Yuri Escalante love life in the United States! From success in school, to playing a pick-up game of soccer at the local park, these three Guatemalan children want to live life to the fullest while they can. After all, they are hanging on by a moment, holding onto hope that they will be allowed to legally stay in the United States. They are currently awaiting a Feb. 17, 2015 hearing in the U.S. Immigration Court in Cleveland, Ohio.

While only time can tell what the outcome for the Escalante family will be, at least they know they have a fighting chance. According to the Transaction Records Clearinghouse at Syracuse University, 47% of unaccompanied minors represented by a lawyer during immigration proceedings have been allowed to stay in the United States. In contrast, only 10% of unaccompanied minors without a lawyer have been granted the right to stay. The Escalante family has hope thanks to the legal help they are getting through the Catholic Charities of Southwestern Ohio.

The legal process of gaining asylum, work permits, and other visas to legally stay in the United States can be overwhelming. While navigating the immigration system can sometimes seem like an impossible hurdle, freedom from extreme poverty, political oppression and physical peril like that faced by the Escalante family in Guatemala make the fight worthwhile. While the Escalante children have legal representation, not all unaccompanied minors are as fortunate.

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