Immigration: Reform or Not, We are Here to Help

For the past several years, immigration reform has been a hot topic in our country as evidenced by frequent news headlines and reports about the many individuals and families caught in the middle. The general consensus seems to be that changes to current immigration policy and laws are needed. Some reforms – including a path to citizenship for those who entered or stayed in the United States illegally but have become productive members of society – even have broad support. Unfortunately, however, the political stalemate in Washington has prevented legislation from being enacted. For the countless immigrants seeking to become citizens or who are facing possible deportation, change cannot come soon enough.

Immigration Law-AtlantaImmigration laws and procedures are not simple, but rather are extremely complicated. For those needing relief, the U.S. immigration system is daunting and should not be faced alone. At Brownstein & Nguyen, our attorneys are intimately familiar with the many complex aspects of immigration law and the legal process involved. Even within the current system, that can seem overwhelming and often leads to harsh and unintended results, we can make a difference for clients. While we may not be able to effect broader changes in policy or the law, over the years we have successfully helped thousands of clients to fulfill their dreams of living and prospering in our great nation.

For example, we have helped individuals and families seeking to enter or stay in the United States by obtaining the appropriate type of visa. Visas mean all the difference in the world for so many, as families can be reunited, students can gain college educations, and gainful employment can be legally obtained.

An opinion piece in USA today gave a Last Call for Obama on Immigration Reform. At Brownstein and Nguyen, we are here to help those in need to navigate an immigration system waiting for change, so they can improve the quality of their lives and their families’ futures.

For more information on immigration issues, please feel free to read through the information found in our Immigration Practice pages. If you or someone you know is experiencing an immigration problem or has an immigration question, please do not hesitate to contact our Atlanta immigration specialists at Brownstein and Nguyen.