Partnership, Shareholder & Business Agreements – Ounce of Prevention

Ben Franklin once observed “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Perhaps that is why in 1752 Franklin helped to form the first fire insurance company of the colonies. In present day Philadelphia, one can still tour the city and see the fire insurance marks used over 200 years ago.

Wrongful Termination AtlantaIt is just as true that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to establishing and operating any business. Just as one would never dream of owning a home without having proper insurance in the event of a loss, insightful business owners seek competent business counsel and legal advice at the beginning of new business ventures. They understand that as a business grows, so too does the prospect of facing potential legal problems. In an effort to be proactive, owners forming a new business, partnership or a joint venture, or considering the sale of an existing business interest, know that obtaining strong legal representation at the outset is a necessary and worthwhile investment. Establishing clear guidelines for the ownership, management and operation of a business, including the rights and responsibilities of owners, in business formation documents and agreements can save time, money and headaches and salvage potentially disastrous situations down the road.

With over 25 years of experience in business matters and litigation, Brownstein & Nguyen has assisted countless clients navigating important legal issues pertaining to their businesses, ranging from relatively simple to highly complex matters, both in and out of court. When we meet a new business client, our experienced business lawyers know what questions to ask and which legal documents and relevant agreements need to be reviewed to quickly assess the legal health of a business and make recommendations for necessary improvements. When a new client comes to us with a brewing legal problem or business dispute, we are able to immediately focus in on the relevant issue(s), gather the pertinent facts, perform a limited document review, and advise the client of their legal position and strategies for effectively and promptly resolving the issue. For more complicated problems, including those that may not be solved without resorting to litigation, we offer highly skilled, experienced and effective representation in court. Many business disputes involve a breach of contract, while others may fall under the umbrella of business fraud or torts. When business owners reach the point where they can no longer work together, a business divorce lawsuit may be necessary.

In addition to providing sound, practical legal advice and counsel to small and medium-sized businesses, Brownstein & Nguyen has acted as litigation counsel in many business disputes including the following instances:

    • Represented Chapter 7 trustee of bank holding company in negligence and fiduciary claims against former officers and in an employee fidelity bond claim
    • Represented physician in business divorce litigation against former practice partners involving allegations of breach of fiduciary duty
    • Represented ambulance company owner in suit against former partner involving allegations of corporate waste, abuse and fraud
    • Counsel for principals in liquidated $40M+ firm in suit against national accounting firm alleging computer systems consulting negligence and breach of contract.
    • Represented employer in successful trade secret theft litigation
    • Represent numerous parties in breach of contract and other commercial litigation matters

While a specific outcome cannot be guaranteed in any case, strong and effective legal counsel is always advised. If you or your business is in need of legal counsel or assistance, contact the Atlanta business litigation lawyers at Brownstein & Nguyen.