Hollywood Immigration

Open a newspaper, watch the news, browse a news site, or listen to the radio and you’ll hear about immigration in the United States. Its hard to miss given the constant debates and arguments that the current system is broken. Unfortunately, a growing number of individuals and families have been caught in the middle of this sensitive political football. Some are stuck in limbo, waiting for government action, while for others time has run out as their families are torn apart and they are sent back to their home countries.

Hollywood has long found inspiration in true stories. In many cases, narratives are turned into realistic fiction but still document and highlight important issues that are sometimes overlooked. There is a certain power and connectedness that people share with narratives. This is certainly true when it comes to the topic of immigration captured on the silver screen.Hollywood Immigration

In 2006 Tom Hanks portrayed fictional character Viktor Navorski in The Terminal, a movie about an immigrant from the fictional country of Krakozhia who was caught in limbo due to political turmoil back home. Viktor was unable to enter the United States, but was not permitted to return to his home country. Basically, he was without country. The movie depicts the challenges faced while living in an airport terminal while trying to gain entry into the United States. While this account is fictional, it is loosely based on the true story of Iranian refugee Mehran Karimi Nasseri who lived in a Paris airport for over seventeen years.

While Hollywood’s version of The Terminal is fictional, Nasseri’s story is true. Similarly, there are countless true stories currently unfolding for those seeking to make the United States their home. Many of these would-be immigrants currently waiting in place are in need of support from a qualified, experienced, and trusted immigration lawyer. Brownstein & Nguyen has represented countless individuals and families seeking help to live permanently in the United States. Our Atlanta immigration attorneys are ready to help with your real life story – contact us today for a consultation.