Takata Airbag Recall in Atlanta

Living in the Atlanta metro area means summers of heat and humidity are a fact of life. Atlantans adjust to life with these discomforts, however. After all, modern conveniences including air conditioning in our homes, workplaces and automobiles help make life much more comfortable.

Image via Flickr.com

Image via Flickr.com

Fortunately, in modern day Atlanta most automobile owners bear through the commute and traffic conditions in comfort with air conditioning. However, they may be completely unaware that the humidity and a crucial safety feature in their vehicles – airbags – may be putting them and their passengers in danger.

Recent news stories indicate that the Takata airbag recall has reached historic proportions. In an effort to save lives, since 1998 federal law has required airbags to be installed in all vehicles sold in the United States. Yet, this very safety feature, intended to keep drivers and passengers safe, is putting many people at risk.

Japanese airbag manufacturer Takata is a major supplier of airbags for numerous makes & models of vehicles sold in the United States and around the world. These airbags have been identified as being extremely dangerous because the inflators can explode when the airbag is deployed in a crash, puncturing the bag and preventing it from properly restraining vehicle occupants. In addition, shards of metal from the exploding gas canister may be projected at passengers or drivers, turning the very device that was meant to protect into a potentially lethal threat.

To date, exploding inflators in Takata airbags have been the cause of six deaths and hundreds of injuries. These deaths have all occurred in vehicles manufactured by Honda, and it appears that this extremely dangerous situation is more pronounced in geographic areas with high humidity. Other vehicles affected by the recall including certain models and years manufactured by Ford, GM, Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Infiniti, Lexus, Saab, Chrysler, Dodge, Pontiac and BMW.

It is essential that all automobile owners research their specific make and model to determine what type of airbags are in their car. Visit Safecar.gov to input a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and determine if your vehicle is included in the recall.

If your vehicle is affected by the Takata airbag recall, time is of the essence. Take the vehicle to a dealership as soon as possible so the airbags can be replaced with safer alternatives.

If there are questions regarding legal rights and the Takata airbag recall, do not hesitate to contact Atlanta personal injury law firm Brownstein & Nguyen.